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  • Clarify what you really want in your life and in yourself
  • Uncover the inner conflicts & subconscious beliefs that are in the way
  • Resolve those inner conflicts and permanently shift those beliefs
  • Create new internal possibilities and set life goals
  • Take action to manifest the results you want in your life and in yourself

Hello, I’m Carrie Zivetz

For over 12 years I have been an Advanced Facilitator of PSYCH-K® and PSYCH-K HEALTH AND WELLNESS®.

Depending on the needs of my clients, I also us other powerful techniques in my practice.

Tools & Techniques


PSYCH-K® is a scientifically proven process for permanently rewriting negative or limiting beliefs at the level of the subconscious mind. Working very specifically with each individual client, we devise new, positive, self-supporting Belief Statements that are then downloaded directly into the subconscious.


MULTIDIMENSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY: an evolutionary approach to co-creating with the conscious, subconscious and superconscious, providing a very effective process to healing past lives and balancing inner selves


PSYCH-K HEALTH AND WELLNESS® uses the same, scientifically proven techniques focused on all aspects of health, healing and wellness. “If modern medicine accepted the mind of the patient as a part of the medical team, we would have much more effective healthcare.” – Rob Williams, originator of PSYCH-K®

Do you have limiting beliefs, blocks or fears getting in the way of achieving your goals?

Do you often say, “A part of me feels this way and a part of me feels that way”? Have you ever considered past lives might be impacting your current life?

Do you find yourself struggling with relationships, frustrated by your career, challenged financially?

Are you challenged by ill-health, dis-ease or lack of well being? Would you like to have Optimal Health?

Do you find yourself behaving in ways that don't serve you and even sabotage you?

Do you find it difficult to communicate truthfully and express yourself effectively?


“Every time I had a session with Carrie, I felt one step closer to understanding what makes me happy– to becoming the person I want to be with my family, friends, and in the world. Carrie helped open my eyes to the limiting beliefs I had placed on myself. I love the paradigm shifts I experienced through her insight. She helped change my life. I think this approach to life coaching is a must for every one, no matter who you are. This sort of self-knowledge is really powerful, and the understanding that follows is everything else. I feel as if anything is possible ….. Thank you, Carrie.”

Paul O’Brien

Actor, Sydney/ Los Angeles

“I had an amazing experience with Carrie.  I felt safe with her, and her energy and passion for what she does, inspired me. Through my sessions we explored the present and the past traumas and the beliefs that came up were spot on. It was like putting a puzzle together, and getting new pieces to complete it. I was thrilled to let go of old beliefs that don’t serve me any more and replace them with new loving ones. 

PSYCK-K is a beautiful addition to the holistic path I am now on. I highly recommend Carrie Zivetz to those who are open to experiencing a new way of healing and self-love. Thank you Carrie for sharing your gifts with me.”

Kristie Scott

Life Coach, Redondo Beach

Carrie brings to the table a unique bag of interesting exercises that have made this self-exploration journey deeply meaningful, with many surprising twists and provocative discoveries. She possesses great empathy, enthusiasm, and insight as she guides you down the road toward meeting yourself”.

Suzanne Brown

Veteran Film Dialect Coach/Actress, Los Angeles

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