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PSYCH-K® is a scientifically proven process for permanently rewriting negative or limiting beliefs at the level of the subconscious mind. Working very specifically with each individual client, we devise new, positive, self-supporting Belief Statements that are then downloaded directly into the subconscious. The Core Belief Balance is a comprehensive way to lay a more positive foundation at the core of your being. The Relationship Balance is one of the most effective processes I use when working with couples.

“It is our beliefs that control our lives. PSYCH-K® is a simple, self-empowering process to change your beliefs and perceptions at a cellular level.”
– Bruce Lipton, Ph.D Cellular Biologist, author of Biology of Belief


PSYCH-K HEALTH AND WELLNESS® uses the same, scientifically proven techniques focused on all aspects of health, healing and wellness. The Optimal Health Balance includes all aspects of health and wellness and shifts a wide ranging list of beliefs at the subconscious level.

“If modern medicine accepted the mind of the patient as a part of the medical team, we would have much more effective healthcare.”
– Rob Williams, originator of PSYCH-K®


THE SCIENCE BEHIND PSYCH-K® Three research papers were published in peer reviewed publications, based on QEEG/brainmapping research done by Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Cognitive Enhancement, in Glendale, AZ.  Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K®, co-authored the papers with Dr. Fannin. The research clearly demonstrates the value of what the authors call, the Whole-Brain State, and its role in the evolution of human consciousness.  The research shows that this bilateral, symmetrical brain wave pattern is created by using PSYCH-K®. Its benefits are enumerated in the research papers themselves. The papers were published in three different publications, spanning three different disciplines, i.e., neuroscience, psychotherapy, and business. The fact that the same research was accepted by such a diverse cross section of publications is evidence of the widespread applications and implications of PSYCH-K®.   

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MULTIDIMENSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY uses highly creative techniques based on the premise that the subconscious is not a dark shadow trying to subvert you but rather a living consciousness trying to help you, but often using outdated, misguided strategies.  Based on the book, Joyful Evolution, by Gordon Davidson, this is a very evolutionary approach to fully resolving inner conflicts, discovering your life’s purpose and becoming the true conductor of your life by co-creating with the conscious, subconscious and superconscious.

Sometimes we find there is no direct explanation for the beliefs, behaviours and challenges we face.  There is a very great possibility that we brought with us a kind of spiritual DNA from past lives that creates inexplicable but very real challenges in this life.  Multidimensional Psychology provides a very effective process to healing past lives and balancing inner selves

Your superconscious is the symphony, your conscious mind is the conductor and your subconscious mind is the orchestra of your life.


HEALING YOUR INNER CHILDREN is a simple but profoundly powerful approach to self-healing.  As we move through our natural stages of life we have needs that must be met in order for us to fully evolve to the next stage of life.  If our need for love and protection was not met when we were little, that consciousness gets stuck inside of us.   If our need for love, guidance and respect were not met when we were Teenagers, then the Teenager gets stuck inside of us. The beliefs, perspectives, desires and needs of these different Parts can hi-jack us and cause us to do and feel things that no longer serve or support us.  By becoming the best parent and the best friend of these inner Parts, we can effect life-long healing and wholeness. 


CUTTING THE TIES THAT BIND, developed by Phyllis Krystal, is a profound technique for helping clients liberate themselves from old attachments, relationships and patterns. When family, culture, events bind us, block us and keep us from being who we really are, this process is very effective at releasing the invisible chains and setting us free.  Read more about the Phyllis Krystal Method


FREEING THE EMOTIONAL INSTRUMENT For many of us our emotions are a part of our human make-up that we know very little about, often feel overwhelmed by or at the mercy of.  Most of us never received any kind of education in our emotions.  When I was devising a technique for actors it was the ability to have access to their emotional instrument that interested me most.  In the process of developing and teaching this technique, I learned a lot about how to free our feelings and express ourselves in effective and effortless ways. When it is apparent that self-expression and emotions are causing a problem, I can guide clients how to unlock emotional blocks and communicate better with themselves and others.


LIFE GUIDANCE LIFE COACHING If you’re looking for a more conventional approach to life coaching, this is for you. It begins by determining your life purpose, which grounds and inspires your next steps. Then we uncover what you want to do with your life. You may already know that you want support achieving a goal for example in your work/career or a relationship or retirement. I will help you set goals, create a step-by-step action plan and achieve your dream.