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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a session?

A single session lasts 1 ½ hour. This gives us time to discuss the challenges you are facing and the future you wish to manifest.

Using PSYCH-K, we then create new, positive, self-supporting belief statements and download these new beliefs into your subconscious, thus re-writing the old, negative programming.

Should it be beneficial to employ one of the other techniques, 1 ½ hours gives us enough time to comfortably do so.

How long does it take to see results?

PSYCH-K is designed to create results in a reasonably short period of time.

In 6-8 sessions you should experience changes in your life.

We are all uniquely different and our challenges vary so for some change happens sooner and for others, it takes a bit longer.

After these initial sessions, many clients come at 3 or 4 monthly intervals as life presents new opportunities for growth.

The other modalities I use are also designed to produce quick and lasting change.

How does Psych-K work?

Your Conscious Mind processes 40 Bits of information a second. Your Subconscious processes 40 Million Bits of information a second.

While we relate to our conscious mind as the Control Center, it could be argued that it is the subconscious that is running the show.

Your subconscious is responsible for beating your heart and breathing your lungs. It is also responsible for your motor function. If you want to get out of your chair, you don’t need to think about it, your subconscious controls the muscles that allow you to stand.

In this way, a process known as ‘muscle testing’ allows us to interact with the subconscious

Imagine your subconscious mind is like the hard drive on your computer. Over the course of your lifetime you have been downloading beliefs onto that hard drive.

One of the earliest beliefs you downloaded may have been your name. When you say out loud, “My name is ….” This is a true statement. It is in your programming and on your hard drive. The subconscious reacts with an electromagnetic field, which causes your muscle response to be ‘strong’.

If you were to say, “My name is (a name that is not yours)” the subconscious does not react and there is no muscle response.

Using muscle testing we are able to communicate with your subconscious.

Many of the beliefs downloaded into your subconscious programming are positive, useful, life and self-supporting beliefs.

You have also downloaded many negative and limiting beliefs.

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research has scientifically proven that we create our reality based on what we believe. PSYCH-K allows us to re-write that negative programming, setting up a powerful potential for change.

The process of PSYCH-K is as follows:
• Discussing the challenges you are facing
• Understanding the negative and limiting beliefs that are driving those challenges
• Re-writing those beliefs and generating new, positive, self-supporting ones.
• Using whole-brain processes, you download these new beliefs into your subconscious
• Using muscle testing, we pre-test and post-test the new belief – allowing you to consciously witness the exciting change.

Once you’ve downloaded a new belief, it’s formed a new neural pathway. This sets up the powerful potential for profound change. It’s a new belief and it needs support to become as deep a neural pathway as some of your older beliefs.

The subconscious downloads new beliefs through our senses. Thus, it is what we are doing and feeling that deepens these new beliefs in the subconscious.

After a session, it is important that you take action on these new beliefs to deepen them inside the subconscious.

Ultimately, these new beliefs are just the simple truth on which you are effortlessly manifesting your life.

How is Life Guidance Consulting different from other therapies?

Conventional Therapy is often focused on your past.

Life Guidance Consulting is focused on what is going on now and on you creating a better future.

Therapy is traditionally a conversation at the conscious level of the mind.

Life Guidance Consulting works at the powerful subconscious level as well as the conscious and superconscious levels.

With Hynotherapy, the Hypnotherapist takes you to the Theta Brain state where she then installs new beliefs. She is doing the work. Hypnotherapy has been around a long time and can be very effective for many people

The difference with PSYCH-K is that you are doing the work. You are devising the new beliefs. You are downloading them into your subconscious and you are taking action to deepen them inside your subconscious. In my own personal experience, because you are doing the work on yourself – it is more powerful and effective.

Do you take insurance?

I am a Certified Life Coach and a Facilitator of PSYCH-K.

I am not a Therapist and I do not have a Therapist License. Thus, I am unable to accept insurance.

Do you see clients online?

Using the ZOOM platform, I see clients from all over the United States and around the world. I will
send a ZOOM link on the day of our session via email or text.

PSYCH-K® is uniquely adaptable to working virtually and equally as effective as being together in my office.