Life Guidance Counsulting
Life Coaching using scientifically Proven 21st Century Techniques
Life Guidance Consulting
Life Coaching using scientifically proven 21st century techniques
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 Carrie Zivetz

 Client Experiences

I knew in my heart you were the one to help us.  We are so very grateful for the amazing session we had with you today.  This kind of special therapy should be a "must" for all couples.  A very brief & succinct way to sum up what transpired today for me, if someone were to ask, would be: "Ahhhhhhh.........You should try it."

Barbara Rose, Transaction Coordinator (Real Estate)
Palos Verdes Estates

This past year I have been on a journey dealing with a health issue and learning a great deal about medications from my doctor.  This journey has been challenging to say the least. As I navigated my way through I now find myself on a holistic path. As I embraced the holistic path and stopped the medications my body is now starting to heal.  While on this new path I attended a Bruce Lipton lecture at Agape spiritual center and learned about PSYCH-K. I was fascinated by the idea of changing my old beliefs.  Through Bruce’s website I found Carrie Zivetz. I had an amazing experience with Carrie.  She explained PSYCK-K in a way I could understand, because it was all-new to me. I felt safe with her, and her energy and passion for what she does, inspired me. Through my sessions we explored the present and the past traumas and the beliefs that came up where spot on. It was like putting a puzzle together, and getting new pieces to complete it. I was thrilled to let go of old beliefs that don’t serve me any more and replace them with new loving ones.  PSYCK-K is a beautiful addition to the holistic path I am now on. I highly recommend Carrie Zivetz to those who are open to experiencing a new way of healing and self-love. Thank you Carrie for sharing your gifts with me.

Kristie Scott, Life Coach
Redondo Beach
Working with Carrie has been a true blessing in my experience. As a (mostly) conscious and aware person, I came to her to help fine-tune some areas of my life that tended to be up-and-down. Her calm yet personable demeanor, deep knowledge and experience base, and thoroughly effective techniques helped me tremendously to make positive shifts in my life, which I'm currently reaping the benefits from! Working with Carrie felt like talking openly to a close friend as well as having a cheerleader in my corner committed to my success and happiness. I can't wait to sit with her again soon!

Chad Michael Collins, Actor
Los Angeles
I first met Carrie a year ago at a mutual-interest conference. I was so impressed with her vitality, kindness, approachability, and sense of humor that I bid on her life Coach and PSYCH-K services at a fundraiser this past summer. When I won, I said, "Cool! Four life coach sessions -- interesting!" Well, that was one of the major understatements of my life.
Since July 2015, I've done six sessions with Carrie focusing on several decades-long issues and struggles that traditional counseling, self-help books, and personal mantras had merely explained and alleviated, e.g., my relationships with men and money, a deep-seated resistance to professional success, and my mental block about writing a book (when I've been published in just about every other genre).
So, did Carrie help me? YES. And that's putting it mildly. Not only did a major internal shift occur during each session, but there were direct and powerful results within a week or two afterward. As of January 2016, I'm in a wonderful relationship with the kind of man I've looked for all my life, I landed a fantastic job (with much higher pay) three months ago, I've been given unprecedented career opportunities and freedom in my new position, and I'm working on my first book.
Carrie Zivetz is one of those rare souls with a remarkable gift for helping others to understand, heal, grow, and transform. If you're willing to be vulnerable and honest (with yourself and with Carrie), then don't wait another moment. Now is your chance to demolish and move beyond the barriers that have held you back.

Carol Hubbard, Senior Proposal Writer and Manager
Washington, DC

Timing is everything. I understand that more than ever..  I was at a time and place in my life where I needed something bigger than me.  I’m a 38 year old woman who, most of my life, could help myself “solve” my own problems.  So I thought.

The ultimate breakup.  I had the best.  A 5 year relationship with the love of my life.  And then I didn’t. Breakups happen but this wasn’t supposed to.  Of course not, right? If they were supposed to then why were we in them in the first place? I was so very very sad! A deep sadness this ‘fix it myself, solve my own problems’ girl couldn’t even comprehend. My whole world changed and it was affecting everything.  I didn’t like it. The people around me didn’t like it.  My career didn’t like it, my health didn’t’ like it.  It was time for me to do something about it. 

A friend recommended I see Carrie.  I was skeptical but knew I needed something much bigger than me.  I am so grateful that I had the mindset to accept that. And I’m even more grateful it was Carrie to guide me.

If you are still reading, please understand, when I say skeptical, I mean that. I never liked going to therapists or counsellors or anyone for that matter. What was Carrie going to do for me that I couldn’t figure out on my own, eventually?   But Carrie changed my world. Her passion, love for what she does, together with her practice of PSYCH-K and HEALING THE INNER CHILD has provided me with tools I didn't know were missing from my toolbox. 

As soon as we met, there was an ease. She got me. She honed right in and I left our first meeting on such a high.  After our session, I received an email with detailed notes from our discussion.  She took the time to do that.  Seeing my life on paper made me even more eager to make my life better. 

I look forward to hanging with Carrie and doing the work because it works.  It’s work, but this "work" is fun and addictive.  Relationships with my family, my career, and most importantly, ME, have all benefited in an unbelievable way.  The chapters of my life keep opening up and I feel clearer and healthier.  
This journey has been so positive for me that three of my friends are now working with Carrie.  We are all so different, with our own stories, but it's no surprise how well they are doing. 

Allyson Sereboff, Actress, Los Angeles  
Through my work with Carrie Zivetz, I have been able to hone in on my life's purpose. Her masterful implementation of PSYCH-K and her compassionate guidance make her a powerful life coach. Not only have I been able to shed some lifelong, unconsciously held beliefs that were not serving me, but I have also been able to truly cultivate and focus on my gifts and talents in order to share them with the world in a meaningful way. Carrie is a wise and caring life practitioner. Working with her will allow you to find your wings, learn to fly and take to the sky. 

Hope White , Artist/Mother 
Los Angeles 
Time and distance are no obstacle when working with Carrie. I’ve now had several online sessions with her from Australia via Skype and have found them to be incredibly positive and enriching. I wasn’t looking for a therapist or a guru or a Tony Robbins, and Carrie’s none of those. She’s a wise human being who will embrace and guide you through every step of your unique journey. When working with Carrie, there’s a wonderful sense of freedom to explore and express. She listens wholeheartedly, is able to identify my particular challenges with humanity and understanding, and then uses processes that create real change.

Jaz Spelic , Film Producer/Actor 
 I had engaged two other life coaches before I met Carrie two years ago. What sets Carrie apart from my other experiences is her panoply of techniques that get to the essence of the issues. Carrie has been guiding me through what has been standing in my way in regard to success with my new ventures. We have had great success with PSYCH-K and Multidimensional Psychology. 
One thing that Carrie provides that is invaluable is the notes that summarize each session. Reading through them over the course of the last year or two has given me perspective on how much we have dealt with and how far I have come.

Ellen Sloane , Social Capital Advisor 
Los Angeles 
 Working with Carrie has changed my life -- it's that simple. I have been seeing Carrie close to a year now, and I finally feel on track with my life. I have been to quite a few therapists, but the techniques Carrie uses in her life coaching are transformational. Working with the inner child and integrating the different parts of myself to form a healthy, loving inner support system is incredible. For the first time in a long time, using these wonderful techniques, I am looking forward to the future. 

Teresa Randi 
Los Angeles
 Carrie brings to the table a unique bag of interesting exercises that have made this self-exploration journey deeply meaningful, with many surprising twists and provocative discoveries. She possesses great empathy, enthusiasm, and insight as she guides you down the road toward meeting yourself.
Suzanne Brown, Veteran Film Dialect Coach/Actress
Los Angeles 
 Carrie has an innate ability to get to the root of a personal problem or issue and then help you figure it out on your own. It's almost as if she does it by osmosis -- by breathing in the essence of who you are, by truly listening and taking stock and genuinely caring. She asks you questions, listens carefully, and then zeros in on a striking solution that is positive and life-affirming. I'm one of those people who likes immediate results -- solutions I can rely on in my day-to-day life. Rather than the more traditional philosophical/psychological work which, in some cases, can take forever, Carrie's coaching offered me dramatic "AHA!" moments which have helped me enormously in leading an enjoyable and satisfying life.

Chris Culler  - Writer/Veteran Hollywood Reader 
Los Angeles 
Carrie Zivetz is responsible for a huge transformation in my life. She taught me to see through to who I really am and trust that I have all I need to be a success. Her work has filled me with so much confidence that I am constantly driven to realize my potential. Thank you, Carrie.

Rajan Thangevalu - CPA, Tennis instructor, Actor 
Sydney/Los Angeles       ​    
 I was at a difficult crossroads in my life when I started working with Carrie. The simple and direct method she uses, particularly the PSYCH-K, and her ability to hone in on the underlying issues really shifted old negative beliefs. I didn’t expect this from life coaching and understand now why she calls it Life Guidance Coaching. I felt supported, guided and understood -- and my life definitely changed for the better.

Felice Rhiannon  - Professional Yoga Therapist, Instructor, Author, Educator, Speaker
London, England    ​    
Every time I had a session with Carrie, I felt one step closer to understanding what makes me happy-- to becoming the person I want to be with my family, friends, and in the world. Carrie helped open my eyes to the limiting beliefs I had placed on myself. I love the paradigm shifts I experienced through her insight. She helped change my life. I think this approach to life coaching is a must for every one, no matter who you are. This sort of self-knowledge is really powerful, and the understanding that follows is everything else. I feel as if anything is possible ..... Thank you, Carrie. 

Paul O’Brien - Actor 
Sydney/ Los Angeles
    ​    ​